The Nantucket Iddy Bagg features the same Nantucket Bagg Opening System as the rest of our baggs.  A zipper runs three quarters of the way around the bagg allowing it to be opened up flat – for the Iddy to be used as a carpenter’s belt or shopkeepers waist belt, or used with the pockets on the inside or outside.  The very versatile Iddy can be worn as a tool belt, sling bag, waist pack or fanny pack or as a mini backpack. 

The tool belts attracts seamstresses and quilters that have to carry a number of small items, scissors, snips, seam rippers, marking pencil, etc as they move around their workspace.  Handy men and gardeners use the tool belt function with it’s carrying loops, zipper pocket for keys, and pockets.

Grab and Go Nantucket Iddy Bagg: Sling Bag

Grab and Go Nantucket Iddy Bagg: Sling Bag

Walkers fill the Nantucket Iddy Bagg with phone, camera, wallet, keys, snacks, and drinks.  Easy to throw over your shoulder as a sling bag.  It’s perfect when traveling from home to boat or even on longer travels for organizing your phone and camera chargers.

Walking Knitting or Crocheting Bag

Walking Knitting or Crocheting Bag

The Iddy is popular with kids as a mini backpack and grandmother’s for a small knitting or crocheting project bagg for socks, hats, scarfs, etc.  Worn as a sling bag or waist pouch, the Iddy Bagg is perfect for walking and knitting or crocheting at the same time. 


Check it out by clicking here: http://www.nantucketbagg.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3

Jacquetta getting ready to set up a Nantucket Bagg to travel to weddings.
Jacquetta getting ready to set up a Nantucket Bagg to travel to weddings.

Jacquetta, from Studio 168 in Durham, NC, oftens travels offsite to do weddings, special events, pagents, proms and more. The Nantucket Bagg is her stylists bagg, organizing her hairdressing tools, brushes, curling irons, hairdyers, combs, picks, and clips. The beautican’s bag came be opened flat using the bag itself as a protecive mat on dining room tables.  

Full size Hair Dryers take up two pockets.

Full size Hair Dryers take up two pockets.

The Nantucket Ditty Baggs thirty pockets provide a lot of space for tools (of any sort) but a full size hairdryer takes up two pockets.  The dryer goes in one pocket and the cord gets foled and placed in an adjacent pocket.  There are enough pockets to carry a variety of brushes, combs, clips, shampoo, conditioner, gel, and a curling or flattening iron as well. The stylist’s bag can be set up in a number of ways to function for a wide vareity of hair styling tools, shampoos, conditions, etc.

        Traveling Nantucket Beautican's Bagg open for business.

     Jacquetta zips the traveling bag closed to prepare for travel.

Thank you Jacquetta and Studio 168 for showing us how you use the Nantucket Bagg for Beauticans.

Thank you Jacquetta and Studio 168 for showing us how you use the Nantucket Bagg for Traveling Beauticans.

After John started tuning pianos, he looked at me and said, the large Nantucket Bagg (aka the Original Nantucket Bagg) would be perfect for my piano tuning tools.  Sure enough, after several years of using his Original Nantucket Bagg as a piano tool tote, he is very happy with how it works for his on site visits.  The world of piano tuners is going to them, not having the piano come to you.








Of course, there are some lessons John has learned that we want to pass along.  Please remember to not put short tools in the long pockets, or you will be doing what John is doing here.  He is using a hooked tool to pull tools back out of the long pockets.  The tight pockets keep everything in place, sometimes even when you don’t want them to – but laying the bagg on the side releases the pressure on the tools and you can work them out  – then put them in the shorter pockets.  The Nantucket Bagg Company also has small clear pouches available ( made with solar energy by Igas Island) that fit in the larger pockets – perfect for all those little tools.

Solveig of the Handcraft Guild of Iceland contacted me over a year ago about carrying our Nantucket Knitting Baggs and has reordered several times.  This really excited me since I’ve knit several Icelandic sweaters through the years and I really enjoyed a vist there about ten years ago. It was March and my friend, Tammis, and I decided to stop for a visit on our way to England.  What a treat!  We stayed at the hostel near the community pools where families congregated in the thermal pools after dinner each evening.  Numerous pools, for swimming, a in the water playground for children, a long snaky pool with sitting places for teens and a round shallow pool for toddlers that the parents could rest in around the circumference while the kids played. 

We feasted on the art visiting local museums and galleries, ate lamb and fish, walked, toured the island and walked on the volcanic fields then stood by the shore looking at giant charcoal colored pumice stones.  Late afternoon would find us having tea and cakes on delicate cakes then a late dinner of hearty stews.  The major event was spending an afternoon at the Blue Lagoon – a thermal pool with dense healing mineral properties.  A bathing cap was required for protecting your hair from the clay in the water and it was so dense that it was like laying on a mattress – in March, the warmth of the water with steam surrounding you.  I want to go back.

So needless to say, this was a favorite place and I’ve only shared the tip of the iceburg of the story…  And now I have had another treat.

                                                                                                                                                  I have always informally collected stamps but this time I enjoyed the stamps and the whole label.

Solveig who works for the Handcraft Guild had asked if I knitted and when I told him about my sweaters he said he wanted to send me something. AND he DID.  He sent me a pattern book and Icelandic yarn to make the sweater on the cover. I haven’t started yet but I want to share it with you.    Thank you Solveig.

As soon as I get a new set of circular needles I will be on my way.  But the patterns in the book are just delightful.  Here are a couple more images for you to enjoy as well.  I am pretty sure that the golden cream sweater is going to be a needed addition to my wardrobe as well.  Most of the winter I wear sweater that have been handknit by my mother who at 85 has decided on just keeping us in socks.  So, I am on my own for knitting sweaters from now on. Thanks Mom for a lot of great sweaters.

The Tidy Knitter

The Nantucket 522 Diddy Bagg is the workhorse of knitting bags whether at home or on the road. With thirty pockets, this tote bag can be used in several different configurations. Unzipped, it becomes a wall rack or tool rollup or it can carry your knitting needles and accessories on the inside – usually for traveling – or on the outside for storage at home or short trips. If traveling by air, use your bag as a tool roll up and pack it in your suitcase, tuck your project in your suitcase then on arrival you will have your knitting bag with you – without having paid to take it along.  

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Cindy couldn't wait to get her hands on a Nantucket Bagg.

Cindy was at a recent meeting of the Maine Entrepreneurs group founded by Kirk Hill in 2008.  The group meets monthly for networking and lively discussion regarding topics of interest for established and emerging entrepreneurs.  This week, Jo shared The Nantucket Bagg as part of the discussion.  What a wonderful, stimulating conversation full of marketing and product ideas.  Cindy – a crafter and artist – was putting her tools in the bagg before she had her hands on it.  The bag is a utility tote that fills many needs, she saw many uses beyond the artist and crafter. As a Career Center Consultant she saw the viability of using the bagg to organize the materials for your job search, briefcase or travel tote.  I had a demo bagg with me, she happily left the meeting with it in her hands with ideas of sharing it with many people.
If you are inspired with ideas, get in touch – I’d love to talk with you. 
www.nantucketbagg.com.           Jo
Set up at the New England Boat Show, Boston, MA
This week went quickly by at The New England Boat Show in Boston.  When setting up, we found that the table needed repairs.  Charlie travels with his Original Nantucket Tool Bagg and had everything at hand to repair the table rather than have them discard this one and get us a new one.  Within fifteen minutes the table was repaired and became part of our display.
One more day then we reverse the process.  Stop by and see our whole line of Nantucket Baggs including the Original, Handi, Diddy, Middy and Iddy.  Bags to organize whatever you work with on a regular basis – a tote for travel, occasional use and for some, storage whether you use them as a tote, bag, backpack, tool roll up or wall rack.
We introduced our Leather Handled Nantucket Baggs to consumers for the first time at this show and had a great response.  Thank you to all of you that made a Nantucket Bagg part of your life.  Special discounts were given to people that wanted to use them as part of an event where they ordered five or more baggs.
Thank you for stopping by,
Charlie, Jo and Al.